Jocastro Transformers


Jocastro transformers are designed, manufactured and type tested to SANS 780. Jocastro transformers range from 10KVA up to 10MVA. With the rated voltage going up to 33KV. Our transformers are extensive and consists of Pole Mount Transformers, Ground Mount, Distribution all the way up to Power Transformers.

Jocastro Minature Substations

Miniature Substation

Jocastro Miniature Substations are manufactured according to Eskom and SANS 1029 Specifications. The range includes various contract specific solutions and is rated from 100KVA up to 2000KVA. Voltages up to and including 22KV. SF6, Vacuum and Oil Switchgear available to meet your specific requirements.

Jocastro Bulk Metering Kiosks

Bulk Metering Kiosk

Jocastro Bulk Metering Kiosks are manufactured according to Ekurhuleni and Ethekweni specifications and comprises of 4 Way or 3 Way SF6 Ring Main unit combined with the Jocastro Air Metering unit, in a compact Sub-station Solution. Ranging from6.6KV - 22KV with various CT Ratios to meet our customers specific metering needs.

Jocastro Switchgear


Jocastro Switchgear is manufactured locally in South Africa under license with FKI switchgear in the U.K. and comprises of 15KV Vacuum Fixed Pattern Switchgear, 33KV Auto-reclosers, Sectionaliers, Outdoor Compact Breakers and DC lightning Switchgear.

Jocastro Metering Units

Metering Units

Jocastro metering units are manufactured according to Eskom specifications and comprises of Pole Mounted and Ground Mounted metering units. Ranging up 33KV with various CT Ratios to meet our customers specific metering needs. Various solutions are available including Oil and Dry Type Metering units.

Jocastro Low Voltage Panels

Low Voltage Panels

Jocastro Low voltage panels for Municipal Spec Service Distribution and Eskom Sub Station Requirements. Eskom Type TDB1/2 panels, Junction Box, IDF Frames, AC boards, 18" Swing frame and rack panels. Municipal Spec Fuse Pillars, Pillar and distribution Box, kiosks and service pillars.

About us

Jocastro is a major manufacturer of indoor, outdoor Medium Voltage switchgear, Distribution transformers, Miniature Substations and Metering units. In addition to the Medium voltage equipment Jocastro also manufactures a Low Voltage of panels, kiosk’s and Box’s to Eskom and Utilities Specifications. Specialising in these fields, Jocastro can deliver complete packages best suited to your complete project.

Over the last 40 years Jocastro has been renowned not only for their outstanding quality but also their commitment to being at the forefront of cutting edge technology, design & innovation. With the latest machinery at the disposal quality is a guarantee. As a testament to our confidence in our facilities and product’s Jocastro is the only manufacturer to offer a 24 Month warranty on all products produced by Jocastro.

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